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I became a fan of the 'Hottest Band In The World' back in the beginning of 2007 even though i always liked their music all my life. Back in 2007 i made a small Best (Hard)Rock bands tribute video for YouTube and one of the bands present in the video was KISS! (This video now can be seen in the Videos section) while searching for material to use i became more interested in their music and eventually the KISS virus got to me! I'm a big fan of the band and i express it in the way of my video's! I upload rare and great KISS video's and also enhance the video and audio footage of the material, next to standard video's i also have my very own projects, like the series that started it all, The KISS Albums Revisited! Where i 'revisited' the albums with interesting facts, rumors and video/audio footage of the year the album was released or it's tour it was supporting! After this many projects have spawned, including DVD's from this popular series! You can find them all on this website! Next to my own work i am the video editor for anything for EricCarr.com. Being run by Eric's sister Loretta Caravello. I hope you enjoy my website just as much as my video's on YouTube!

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