Alive 35 World Tour - 2008 - '09

Start Date: March 16, 2008

End Date: December 13, 2009

Shows: 103

Legs: 5

Countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Venezuela

Opening Acts: Beast, Bishop Clay's Love Addiction, Blue October, Buckcherry, Chevelle, Cinder Road, Dr. Sin, Echobliss, Frankie Whyte And The Dead Idols, From First To Last, Garden of Bedlam, Hector Backwoods, Mammal, Nico Vega, Racimo, SK2, The Dead Girls, Vanessa Amorosi, ZO2

Average Attendance: 17,000+

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer

In 2008, Gene and Paul wanted to do something special for KISS's 35th anniversary, this would turn into one of their most successful tours in Europe! The band would don Destroyer era costumes again even though Gene's shoulder pads still were too large. This tour was the first time the band would go on a major tour since 2004 and for the first time in Europe again since the Psycho Circus Tour. KISS also performed in New Zealand again since 1997 and it would mark the first time KISS visited Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Russia, Luxembourg, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. In the end the tour went on to gross $30,500,000 and the band would play to over 385,000 fans in sold-out arenas from October to December 2009.

In 2009 rumors started to spread about a possible new studio album, hints were already dropped in the previous years but after KISS released a Japanese only compilation album with 15 re-recorded classic KISS tracks in 2008, people thought this was the album they talked about so much. Than the band started to tease photo's of them recording material in the studio and on August 6th, 2009, KISS released a statement on their website:

- "If you been reading KISSONLINE, it's no surprise to you now. We ARE done recording our new album.

What might well be a surprise is that at the least, the album is right up there with our best. As much as we may have tried at some other times to achieve this, the chemistry, line-up or lack of total commitment from everyone might have been cause for it being impossible. Not now. Not this time." -

Interesting fact is that they did not start to support the album instantly with a new tour, but started to tour in support of the new album after it's release during their 2009 North American leg of the Alive 35 tour.

The set list represented mostly KISS classics from the 70's, only 'I Love It Loud', and 'Lick It Up' representing the 80's era of KISS were present. Real obscure songs as KISS performed in their previous three tours were not present except for the two times 'Forever' was played and four times 'Shandi' in Australia. Something that was made very clear in this tour is that Paul's voice had serious issues performing, eventually he had surgery done to his vocal cords in 2011.

Alive 35 Tour Stage:

  • Modified World Domination Stage - For the Alive 35 tour, the band would first tour with a slightly modified World Domination tour stage, the biggest differences were the left row of amplifier stacks were now in a rectangular shape with 8 speakers unlike the square shaped ones on the far right row of amps with just 4 speakers.
  • Video Screen - In the beginning of the tour no video screen was used just like in the previous two tours but the KISS logo was more present and even would lower when Eric's drum riser would rise. For the Sonic Boom leg of the tour, a completely new stage would be used. I will be going further into this stage on the "Sonic Boom Over Europe" tour page.

  • Pyrotechnics - For the Alive 35 tour, we would see the return of a full KISS pyrotechnic show as it was during the Farewell tour. Explosions, fireworks, pyrotechnics.
  • Drum & Guitar Solo's - Guitar and drum solo's returned and Tommy would shoot rockets into the lighting rig that would explode.
  • Lighting Platform - The lighting platform was still in use at the start of the tour.
  • Gene and Paul Flying - Gene flew to the rafters after spitting blood and Paul would fly into the crowd to his platform. Gene would revive the way he would spit blood like the Creatures/10th Anniversary tour, he would get hit by a giant white spotlight from above and put one arm up shielding him from the light.

The World Domination stage used for the first four legs of the Alive 35 tour.

KISS once again hired a company to record the audio of their shows professionally. This time they hired the British company "Concert Live" who would record the show live, after the show you could pick them up on either a CD format or a KISS USB leather bracelet that could also be used as a 1 GB USB flash drive. Through their website you could also order best off 2 CD sets from a leg of the tour or complete shows.

Even though these recordings were not popular during the "Rock The Nation" tour, they were now selling like hotcakes and especially the USB wristwatch was popular for collectors.

     Stage Props:

  • Pre-Show "hum"
  • Animated KISS Logo
  • Giant KISS Logo Curtain Before Show
  • Video Screens
  • Gene Spitting Blood
  • Gene Breathing Fire
  • Flash Pots
  • Fire Engine Lights
  • Fire Engine Siren
  • Gene Flying
  • Paul Flying
  • Tommy's Guitar Solo
  • Tommy's Shooting Rocket Guitar
  • Eric's Drum Solo
  • Platform Risers
  • Dry Ice Smoke
  • Lighting Rig Platform
  • Bombs
  • Fireworks
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Drum Riser
  • Amplifier Stacks
  • Flamethrowers
  • KISS Army Banners
  • Confetti
  • Paul Smashing Guitar

Paul Stanley live

Typical Setlist:

01. 'Deuce'
02. 'Strutter'
03. 'Got To Choose'
04. 'Hotter Than Hell'
05. 'Nothin' To Lose'

06. 'C'mon And Love Me'

07. 'Parasite'
08. 'She'

09. '100,000 Years'

10. 'Cold Gin'

11. 'Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll'

12. 'Black Diamond'

13. 'Rock And Roll All Nite'


14. 'Shout It Out Loud'

15. 'Lick It Up'

16. 'I Love It Loud'

17. 'I Was Made For Lovin' You'

18. 'Love Gun'

19. 'Detroit Rock City'

Special Shows / Happenings:

- Channel Nine Studios, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, March 13, 2008 -

KISS performed 'Shout It Out Loud', 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' and Paul and Gene gave a interview on Australian tv show "AFL Footy Show".

- Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, March 16, 2008 -

Tommy Thayer sings on lead vocals for the first time singing 'Shock Me', Paul performed 'Shandi' solo.

- Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, March 18, 2008 -

Gene's flying rig malfunctions and he does not make it to his lighting rig platform, he was eventually lowered down back

to the stage looking furious. Paul did not fly during this show.

- Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy, May 13, 2008 -

The band received a 35 Alive Platinum Award from Music Empire Awards for their career that spans 35 years.

- Terra Vibe Park, Athens, Greece, May 18, 2008 -

Instead of the band being lowered with the platform, the band just walked upon the stage to start the show. Paul also

would not be flying this show.

- Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland, May 27, 2008 -

First show where "Concert Live" recorded the show. Another show was added for this venue on the 28th that sold out in 10 minutes.

Download Festival, Donington, Derby, England, June 13, 2008 -

A world record attempt was held at the venue for "Most People Made Up As KISS". Unknown is if their attempt succeeded.

- Graspop Metal Meeting, Boeretangsedreef, Dessel, Belgium, June 28, 2008 -

Right in the middle of Eric's drum solo, a power outage occurred, Eric left the stage until they fixed the problem.

- Estadio Municipal Mundialista de la Florida, Santiago, Chile, April 3, 2009 -

First show for the South American leg of the tour, Paul started wearing a vest looking similar to that of his Love Gun era.

Gene botched the first line in 'Deuce', parts of the show were recorded for broadcast on TV.

- Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 5, 2009 -

At the start of 'Deuce' Gene clearly doesn't know where he is and shouts out "Santiago!" During his flying stunt, his rig malfunctioned and after 3 meters in the air,

with allot of stutters, he came down again. This show was streamed live and the encores of the show ended up as a separate bonus DVD on the Sonic Boom CD.

- Rogers Sarnia Bayfest, Centennial Park, Sarnia, ON, Canada, July 10, 2009 -

Paul stated that the new album was gonna be ready in October.

Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, September 25, 26, 2009

KISS returned to Cobo Arena for the very last time, a place that made KISStory in the past. The hall was set for demolition but eventually closed in 2010 for a major renovation and became the TCF Center in 2015. KISS decided for one last time to "bring the walls down", at this concert they would also debut their new stage and costumes. The whole concert was recorded in HD and Gene stated the show would be released on a special DVD. But this DVD never came to be. What makes this show stand out even more is that they got a special tour book printed, including pictures of their new costumes.

- Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 2, 2009 -

Right near the end of the opening song 'King Of The Night Time World' a power cut occurred causing a 10 minute delay. Because of this

reason the Concert Live CD of the show did not include the song.

- CBS Studios, New York, NY, October 6, 2009 -

KISS performed 'Modern Day Delilah' on the "Late Show with David Letterman".

VMTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, November 9, 2009

One of the many pyrotechnics KISS used during the show set a piece of the lighting truss on fire! While waiting for the road crew to fix the situation, Gene started a impromptu version of 'Firehouse' where Eric Singer later joined in to sing along.

-  Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, November 25, 2009 -

This show was live-streamed on the internet by Bud Light Golden Wheat, it was stated as the "first-ever live web concert for one of rock's most iconic bands as KISS celebrates the November 19 release of their new, three-track Guitar Hero pack featuring 'Modern Day Delilah,' 'I Was Made for Lovin' You' and 'Lick It Up."  This was not KISS's first web concert as the advertisement stated as they webcast a show at least twice during the Farewell tour.

BOK Arena, Tulsa, OK, December 8, 2009

During their off day on December 9th the band spend their time shooting TV segments at Tulsa's Wilson Middle School for ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". The band also helped donate 40 musical instruments to the school that were donated by the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

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