My videos:

I have been making videos since 2006, many you can find on my YouTube Channel! Here are some playlists of my projects!

KISS Through The Years

As a larger expansion on my Revolution Of KISS series, KISS Through The Years is an integrate biography styled documentary in multiple episodes that takes a look at the legendary band KISS, starting with 1973 and 1974! This holds performances, (rare) footage, bootleg recordings, interviews and much more and all enhanced and in glorious 2K High Definition and commentary by Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Bill Aucoin!

The KISS Albums Revisited

The series that started it all, the KISS Albums Revisited! Where i revisited the KISS albums with interesting facts, videos, pictures and more!

The KISS Songs Revisited

A series just like the KISS Albums Revisited but concentrating on just one song!

The Evolution Of KISS

A video series now enhanced and extended into one video until the End Of The Road Tour!

Eric Carr - Unfinished Business Promo's

Promo's made for for the release of Eric Carr's CD "Unfinished Business"

Various Projects

Various Projects is what this playlist holds! From music videos to KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park Revisited!

None KISS Related


Over the years i have created many videos that were not KISS related on my alternate accounts. Check them out!