World Domination Tour - 2003

Start Date: August 2, 2003

End Date: December 20, 2003

Shows: 59

Legs: 2

Countries: United States

Co-Headliner Act: Aerosmith

Opening Acts: Automatic Black, Porch Ghouls, Saliva, Ted Nugent

Average Attendance: 15,131

Line Up: Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer

KISS and Aerosmith, it's a mix you did not expect to happen but if you know both the band's history, it makes sense, both were bands that had their start in the early 70's, and both would meet each other on the road, KISS opened up for Aerosmith during the '1974 'KISS tour' and both have a huge following, Aerosmith also calls their fan base the "Blue Denim Army". Rumors for the tour already began to pop up in 2002 and the official announcement was made on April 18, 2003 but seeing the rumors were already floating around months ago, it was not a real surprise anymore. The biggest surprise was that Peter Criss was back! This was a demand made by Aerosmith that KISS should perform with at least 3 original members. Ace was at this point completely done with KISS and the only option was to get Peter back. Even though it was not a surprise anymore, when tickets went on sale on online ticket selling systems, the demand was so high it crashed their websites. Joe Perry of Aerosmith in a interview:

- "Just to be touring with them is cool. And then the whole thing about, 'Well... they're cartoony,' and all that. If you have that kind of attitude, then you're taking your rock 'n roll way too seriously. To me, it's all about entertainment. I went to see them on this comeback tour, and I didn't sit down the whole time. They're a f***in' entity, man. When they come walking down the hall dressed like that, it's like, 'Holy sh*t!' That alone is entertaining" (Billboard)." -

Even though this was a co-headliner tour, one band had to go up first and that was KISS, both bands had a 80 minute time slot for their show, but people who attended the shows, noted that this was still not enough for both bands to do it's show justice. The first leg of the tour played mostly outside in amphitheaters, in the second leg they would go back inside again and even played Madison Square Garden. Eventually the tour would rake in $65 million, the tour still grossed a bit more than the Farewell Tour. No third leg was added to the tour and in 2004 Aerosmith started a tour with Cheap Trick even though Gene stated in a interview that they would continue touring with Aerosmith after a short break.

As they only had 80 minutes the set list was compiled mostly out of KISS 70's classics with the exception of 'I Love It Loud' and 'Lick It Up' being played sparsely.

World Domination Tour Stage:

  • Farewell Tour Stage - For the World Domination Tour they continued to use the Farewell Tour stage with some small changes.
  • KISS Logo - There was only one KISS logo this time, centered above and behind the drum riser.
  • Video Screens - Two video screens were now placed left and right above of the amplifier stacks. The screens would show various effects, like a firestorm during 'Firehouse'.

  • KISS Army Banners - The big KISS Army banners were now placed behind the stage.

  • Ramps -  The stage would also extend into a ramp into the crowd in the center and the sides as this was part of the stage used by Aerosmith, KISS rarely used this and just stayed on the main part of the stage.
  • Drum & Guitar Solos - To keep the set short, there were no drum and guitar solos.
  • Gene's Blood Spitting & Flying Act - Gene still performed his blood spitting bass solo before 'God Of Thunder' and flew up into the rafters to his platform.
  • Paul Flying - Paul no longer would fly to his platform in the crowd as the venues were too small for it.
  • Confetti - No confetti was used as this was used during Aerosmith's show.

  • Pyrotechnics - The band still used the same amount of pyrotechnics and fireworks as during the Farewell Tour.
  • Costumes - The biggest visual change was with the band members, for KISS Symphony: Alive IV, they changed their costumes to that of the Alive! era!

KISS in 2003

Before the World Domination Tour would launch, KISS would play a very special show in Australia. KISS Symphony: Alive IV! This was a KISS show with in Act One a normal show, Act Two with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble with the band on semi-acoustic guitars and in Act Three with the full Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! This show was also Tommy Thayer's very first real KISS show with a full audience and Peter Criss's first show back with KISS since October 7, 2000

Three days before the show, the band held a interview and performed a acoustic version of 'Sure Know Something' on Network Ten's "Rove Live" with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble.

     Stage Props:

  • Pre-Show "hum"
  • Giant KISS Logo Curtain Before Show
  • Animated KISS Logo
  • Gene Spitting Blood
  • Gene Breathing Fire
  • Gene Flying
  • Fire Engine Lights
  • Fire Engine Siren
  • Platform Risers
  • Lighting Rig Platform
  • Dry Ice Smoke
  • Flash Pots
  • Bombs
  • Fireworks
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Drum Riser
  • 2 Video Screens
  • Amplifier Stacks
  • KISS Army Banners
  • Flamethrowers (Gas Based)
  • Paul Smashing Guitar

Gene back in the leather in his Alive! era costume

Typical Setlist:

01. 'Detroit Rock City'
02. 'Deuce'
03. 'Shout It Out Loud?'
04. 'Do You Love Me?'
05. 'Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll'

06. 'Firehouse'

07. 'I Love It Loud'
08. 'I Want You'

09. 'God Of Thunder'

10. '100,000 Years'

11. 'Black Diamond'

12. 'Beth'

13. 'Love Gun'

14. 'Rock And Roll All Nite'

Special Shows / Happenings:

- Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia, February 28, 2003 -

The symphonic show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in full KISS makeup, this was recorded for pay per view and a DVD release.

- The Meadows, Hartford, Connecticut, August 2, 2003 -

The first show of the combined KISS and Aerosmith tour, the KISS curtain at the start of the show got stuck halfway.

- Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA, August 9, 2003 -

Peter had microphone issues during 'Beth' and tossed the mic aside and let the crowd sing the rest of the song.

- Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA, August 31, 2003 -

The first sold out show of the tour. Police arrested around 33 individuals for various offenses at the show.

- Blossom Music Theatre, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, September 3, 2003 -

A fan trying to sneak into the concert without paying with his friends died of a heart attack.

- Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX, October 2, 2003 -

At the end of 'Beth', Peter said "God Bless You, Houston!!". A local review picked up on this:

"Putting KISS and Aerosmith together is basically a license to print money. The show Thursday at the Smirnoff Music Centre was sold out, a rowdy time for everyone from grizzled fans to school-kids being initiated into the rock concert experience by their parents. And in addition to being a financial success, the show -- both acts played around 80 minutes and Aerosmith closed -- was better musically than I would have expected, especially from KISS. KISS displayed all the special effects that it's known for -- explosions, fire, fireworks, more fire, more explosions -- but the musicians sounded tighter than in past shows as they worked through 'Lick It Up,' 'Firehouse,' 'Black Diamond' and several more. The difference is Ace Frehley replacement Tommy Thayer, who plays more aggressively, both on lead and rhythm. KISS is actually playing well these days and not letting the pyro do all the work. The only real lows of the set were when Peter Criss said, 'God bless you, Houston' after singing 'Beth' -- the booing went on forever -- and Paul Stanley drawing out 'I Want You' far longer than the song was ever meant to be..." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram - October 4th, 2003

- Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, NE, November 6, 2003 -

The first show of the second leg of the tour where the band now went indoors. A review:

"The bands used to battle it out on the Top 40 charts in the 1970s. But Saturday night in the Alerus Center, KISS and Aerosmith teamed up for a show that was nothing short of legendary. Nearly 13,000 fans, spanning the ages -- from 7 to 70 -- filled the Grand Forks events center for a history lesson in hard rock music. There was no headliner, even though KISS played first; both bands shared the top spot on the marquee. There also was no consensus from the fans about who most came to see" - Grand Forks Herald - November 11, 2003

Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK, December 14, 2003

Joe Perry, lead guitarist of Aerosmith joined the band on stage for 'Strutter' wearing one pair of Paul's platform boots! During his own show, he played 'Last Child' with one of Paul's guitars.

- The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, December 18, 2003 -

Joe Perry, joined the band on stage for 'Strutter' wearing Paul's platform boot's once again!

- Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA, December 20, 2003 -

The band sang happy birthday to Peter and brought out a birthday cake. This would be Peter Criss's last show with KISS.

Tickets, guitar pick, Paul's stage used guitar, and a backstage pass

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